Mila Ateva

My name is Mila Ateva. I think that my clothes are attractive. They are designed for people, who have an appeal, feel free, know what they want.
When I started I did not think that it would be exactly like this. I imagined that it would be easier, ensuring more leisure time. I thought it would be more artistic, while it is rather a routine business.
I think I am lucky mostly because at present I know what I want to do. This gives me an advantage to many people.

Meet Mila in her studio – 25 Angel Kanchev str. ap.1, Sofia.

And don’t forget to check the site of her fashion label Sassa Björg

July 15 / 2012
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Vasil Georgiev

My name is Vasil Georgiev. My job is playing cards, a kind of complex table games and role-playing games. I have a store, where different types of table games and strange games with cards are being sold.
I do not know what I would have been doing, if I do not play. I read books, watch films both on cinema and TV and go out with friends. However, there should be something more, with which one should be occupied.
I have not changed much since childhood. It is just that I have grown. Now, I a have stopped growing up and now I am growing the other way round. However, I am altogether the same person.

June 22 / 2012

Huben Hubenov

My name is Huben Hubenov. I work as Editor-in-Chief of the “12” on-line magazine, where I am in charge of fashion and as free-lance stylist. One of my passions is fashion in general. I can say that I am happy to work in a filed, which is an object of my passion. Happily, sometimes I have fun while performing assignments in the fashion sector, the website, styling, etc. This is so, because I really love what I am doing and, sometimes, when it is very, very amusing and pleasant to work, I create my best works. I am an idealist and, in this sense, I am living in a world, which I would like to inhabit and which, sometimes, does not coincide with the real one.


If you are interested to see more of Huben’s work visit the 12 Magazine.

May 14 / 2012


My name is Slav. Everyone knows me as a make-up artist. I am 33 years old. I did not choose this career, it chose me. It has been of interest since I was a child; and since I was a child I’ve also been interested in fashion, beautiful photography, beautiful pictures; in a whole world that provoked me. What I am doing now makes me very happy and it is sufficient for me. I know it will lead to something big. I need to walk this path in order to learn so many things.

Slav Atanasov is amongst the best make-up artists in Bulgaria. His work can be seen everywhere – covers  of fashion magazines, editorials, advertising. His latest works could be seen at 12 Magazine.

April 22 / 2012
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Delyan Donchev

My name is Delyan Donchev, I live in Sofia, I am a workaholic. I own a bar. From morning till evening I take care of it. I am working – this is my only entertainment. My work involves tickling people’s senses, making them feel happy from what they get, seeing their emotion.
Cooking for the person I love is the best part. It gives me pleasure, a lot of love and an infinite feeling of satisfaction when I see the happiness in the eyes of the person in front of me.

Delian Donchev will pour you a drink at Roderick bar at Shishman Street in Sofia. Every Thursday there is a pizza party – small Italian culinary temptation.

April 21 / 2012
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